Testimonials for Chipperfield Media

We hired Chipperfield Media to create and build strategic, creative content for front loading frames with a company called Snapezo. We worked closely with Charlotte who is an incredibly bright, communicative creator and manager for our social media platforms. While working together, Chipperfield Media helped us build an influencer network that was spot on for our brand and strategic goals. Charlotte managed the projects with a great sense of humor, flexibility, and timeliness. I appreciated her business vision and focus on sales objectives matched with creativity, smart writing and on-trend graphics. I highly recommend Chipperfield Media!
— Megan Y.
Working with Charlotte and Chipperfield Media allowed us to focus on the big picture of our business. We were in need of an agency that could run our social media accounts on a daily/weekly basis. Our goal was conversion and engagement. Our target market is a specific niche and not easy to gain traction. Charlotte worked well with our team and made every effort to understand our persona. She was not hesitant to speak up and course correct when the traction that we had hoped for was not reaching our expectations. We found our experience to be a great one and we would recommend Chipperfield Media to other businesses.
— Penny Z., My Chapter Room
When I started my business 6 months ago, I had no clients, no revenue and no idea how to market myself as a brand leader. Chipperfield Media guided me through the process of building thought leadership. Charlotte, in particular, showed a lot of patience in “shining a torch” to building a strong social media presence. More importantly, the outcomes and performance of my social media work has been outstanding. 3 of my top clients came to me through my social media work - which was directly linked to the value Chipperfield Media brought to the table.
— Audrey M., Audrey McGuckin Talent Solutions
Charlotte was very instrumental in evaluating our Trinity Hill social media presence and delivered a full deck of recommended business practices and content execution.
— Regina S. Terrior Life
From the beginning of our arrangement our goal was for Chipperfield Media to provide a hybrid solution for us in social media, assisting us directly with posts and scheduling in the beginning, but also creating tools for us that we could use on our own. We worked with Charlotte Chipperfield directly in these efforts and she provided valuable insight and flexibility throughout the process. The deliverables were a social media brand book that serves as a resource guide for our future posting and a social media communications schedule, both of which we continue to use today. Chipperfield Media empowered our team members to manage social media independently with greater confidence.
— Casey H. of Usenix
Chipperfield Media is on time, concise, and very responsive. They’re an agency that brings new direction and ideas.
— Steven, European Sleep Works
“The CM #OwnYourSocialStory service helped us understand our audience on a deeper level. We were able to tailor our content and messaging to better connect with them and increase our engagement.”
— Marketing Manager
Krak Design was searching for a social media consultant specifically with a background in the wine industry. Chipperfield Media was the perfect fit. The goal was to establish a voice of authority for both design and social media marketing for wineries along the Central Coast, CA. Charlotte established consistent messaging and engagement on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram while increasing engagement and follow ship by 400%. She developed content calendars, set-up, executed posts and managed our online community. Charlotte and Chipperfield Media are a valued partner and we look forward to an on-going relationship.
— Vicki J. of Krak Design
“The #OwnYourSocialStory strategy removed the guesswork out of our social media process. It helped pave the way for our social media team to streamline their workflow, develop our brand personality online, and to better understand measuring our results.”
— Business Owner
I needed more of a presence on social media and ways to reach my constituents. I felt that Chipperfield Media had the experience, knowledge and level of interest/enthusiasm that I needed to help my business. My real estate website and marketing is now more cohesive and polished and is now linked on several platforms. So far there has been an increase in web traffic to my site by 300% and overall and increased social media reach by 400%.
— Katrina, Real Estate Broker
“Knowing we had a social media expert as an extension of our team not only helped us to stay focused on our goals and encouraged us not to get lost in the details of the day-to-day execution, but helped us to supersede our goals threefold.”
— Communications Manager
Chipperfield Media is a breath of fresh air for our small winery which doesn’t have the bandwidth to create, plan or strategize our content marketing efforts.
— Winery Owner