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Brand StoRy development

Looking to define your brand messaging?

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Social media marketing plan

Have a brand story but need a social media marketing plan?

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Social Delegate

Looking to delegate your social media management?

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Social Media content

Solely seeking content to populate your social media channels?

Social Media Campaign

Social Media campaign

Have a campaign coming up and need support amplifying it on social media?

Marketing Consulting


Need answers to your brand and social media questions? Book time with a team member.

Storytelling makes communications more engaging, relatable and connects on a deeper emotional level vs. relying on facts and figures. When it comes to your brand story, the more you can delight, inspire or educate, the better you can pull in and connect with your ideal target demographic.

In order to do this, you need a clearly defined brand messaging based on your value proposition. In working with us, we will:

  • Get to know your company, offerings and target demographic

  • Develop a customized value proposition

  • Define your brand’s messaging and brand narrative

  • Create or revamp your company tagline

  • Refresh or write your “About” copy for your website

  • Define key content buckets to drive all marketing communications which ties back to your value proposition

  • Outline an annual content calendar

  • Give you access to our private Facebook Group

This service is perfect for start-ups or established brands looking to get clear or refresh messaging before launching new marketing campaigns.

Every company has a story but not every brand has a story worthy social media strategy. Our signature service, #OwnYourSocialStory is social media plan that takes a deep dive into your brand’s story to produce a robust social media strategy based on your objectives that will have you standing out from competitors and connecting with your community.

We start by getting to know your company through our Brand Narrative process to better understand your goals before our team gets to work. After lots of caffeinated induced creativity, we will deliver:

  • A customized social media strategy including your social media mission statement, recommended platform enhancements, content strategy, advertising target demographics outlined, and recommended next steps.

  • A week's worth of social media posts presented in a content calendar you can repurpose each month.

  • Templates for social media images.

  • Access to our private Facebook group.

  • A wrap-up call to present your new strategy with a Q&A session.

We help you #OwnYourSocialStory by getting clear on:

  • Who you serve

  • Where your customers spend most of their time on social

  • What you can to do to engage with your target demographic

By owning your story on social, you will have a more meaningful dialogue with your community at the right place and time to build relationships, gain live feedback, and build brand advocates.

“When I started my business 6 months ago, I had no clients, no revenue and no idea how to market myself as a brand leader. Chipperfield Media guided me through the process of building thought leadership. Charlotte, in particular, showed a lot of patience in “shining a torch” to building a strong social media presence. More importantly, the outcomes and performance of my social media work has been outstanding. 3 of my top clients came to me through my social media work - which was directly linked to the value Chipperfield Media brought to the table.”

— Audrey M., Audrey McGuckin Talent Solutions


Looking to delegate your social media tasks to the professionals? Our Social Delegate service provides full social media management including:

  • A complete onboarding process

  • The full management of your social media platforms

  • Post creation and scheduling

  • Community management and engagement

  • Amplification through advertising

  • Monthly reports on social media analytics

  • Access to our Influencer Database

We work with a few select clients at a time. Want to get started? Apply to work with us: 

“We hired Chipperfield Media to create and build strategic, creative content for front loading frames with a company called Snapezo. We worked closely with Charlotte who is an incredibly bright, communicative creator and manager for our social media platforms. While working together, Chipperfield Media helped us build an influencer network that was spot on for our brand and strategic goals. Charlotte managed the projects with a great sense of humor, flexibility, and timeliness. I appreciated her business vision and focus on sales objectives matched with creativity, smart writing and on-trend graphics. I highly recommend Chipperfield Media!”

— Megan Y.

The content published to your social media channels is an opportunity to inspire, connect and motivate your audience. Our Social Media Content service is best suited for companies that need an assist when it comes to answering the question, “what do we post?” We partner with companies to:

  • Build out monthly content calendars for easy copy and paste to post

This service offering does not include community management, reporting or paid advertising. For full social media management, please see our Social Delegate service.

If content is all you need, get in touch:

“Chipperfield Media is on time, concise, and very responsive. They’re an agency that brings new direction and ideas.”

— Steven, European Sleep Works

Do you have a social media campaign rolling out and need additional social media power? Looking to launch an influencer marketing campaign and leverage our network of influencers?

Our team would love to work with you to make your campaign a success! We invite you to get in touch so that we can learn more about your campaign, timeline and assets, etc.

“I needed more of a presence on social media and ways to reach my constituents. I felt that Chipperfield Media had the experience, knowledge and level of interest/enthusiasm that I needed to help my business. My real estate website and marketing is now more cohesive and polished and is now linked on several platforms. So far there has been an increase in web traffic to my site by 300% and overall and increased social media reach by 400%.”

— Katrina, Real Estate Broker


Have a series of brand or social media questions or need an expert set of eyes to review your strategy or upcoming posts? Book a Social Session to help accelerate your social media results.

Once you book, we will reach out to you to review your social media assets in preparation for our call. 

Calls are conducted via traditional phone call or by Zoom Video Conferencing.