Welcome! As a female-founded and run company, we understand what it takes to start and scale a company. Our Founder Package is designed to assist other female-founded companies by providing you with an agency partnership without a high premium because we firmly believe in supporting women-run organizations to tell your story and build a community.  

Together we will partner to accomplish the following:

  • Create a robust social media strategy (Led by Chipperfield Media)

  • A fully integrated onboarding process (Led by Chipperfield Media)

  • The management of up to 2 social media platforms (In collaboration with you)

  • Post creation and scheduling. (In collaboration with you)

  • Community management and engagement (In collaboration with you)

  • Amplification through advertising (Led by Chipperfield Media)

  • Monthly reports (Led by Chipperfield Media)

  • Access to our Influencer Database (Led by Chipperfield Media)

What’s makes this different then our Social Delegate service? This service is ideal for a small team looking to still have a hand in social media for your company but would benefit from having an agency partner to help shape the strategy and maintain the consistency to drive your messaging and build your community.

Interested in partnering on your social media efforts? Get in touch: