Wine Harvest offers a Gold Mine of Social Media Opportunities

Wine Harvest and Social Media

It’s September, which means, wine harvest is about to be in full swing in the Northern Hemisphere. For wine marketers everywhere, this is a juicy time of year. (Pun intended). For those specifically in charge of social media, this time of year is a gold mine for content possibilities.

While timely posts of harvest activities, from the blessing of the first grapes to early morning picks, are appropriate, harvest also provides a huge opportunity to capture valuable content to be repurposed throughout the year. Take these examples:

Food and wine pairings 

If food and wine pairings are of value to your followers, harvest helps to elevate this conversation on social media. Capturing crush activities from destemming grapes to fermentation, creates an opportunity to speak directly to the interplay of acids and sugars, and their impact on food. Create content that illustrates food pairings from the fundamentals in a whole new perspective.

Similarly, show behind the scenes photos of what the harvest crew is eating for staff meals. Invite your community to vote on which wine they should pair with the meal.


If your winery has a strong messaging around the details of winemaking, it is imperative that you capture as much content as possible. It’s no secret that video is increasing in popularity, so grab your camera and film every element of the winemaking process. Each stage of the winemaking process from harvesting the grapes, to fermentation, to racking, can be developed into bite sized educational videos. As Winemakers tend to be a little busy this time of year 😉, once harvest is over, work with your Winemaker to include voiceovers. Have them speak to the details of your unique process. Then, create a social media campaign using these videos. Heck, you can even include it in emails and on your website.

Another idea could include setting up a camera high above the cellar and creating a time lapse video of the day’s activities.

And, another idea, (cause we can’t stop!), is a day in the life of an Assistant Winemaker or Enologist. Have them do an Instagram Story takeover and let followers get to know the people behind the glass.


If your winery has a strong emphasis on wine education, create a video or photo series that chronologically tracks a wine from start to finish. Create a video of your signature label being produced, from the time the grapes are harvested, to the time it is bottled. Show the value and level of attention that goes into making your wine. This content could be repurposed at points-of-sale such as your website, at a release party, or in your wine club emails.


If the above components aren't in line with your brand, or maybe your brand is more spunky or sarcastic, use harvest imagery to create an entertaining video. This could come in the form of highlight how messy harvest gets or telling harvest from the perspective of grapes -- seriously! Think about, what would the grapes say after spending all that time on the vine developing only to be smushed and fermented?

Regardless of the content you develop, we’re all fascinated by how things are made. Use harvest as an opportunity to tell your story. The ideas are endless!

By incorporating a content plan into the harvest season, wineries can leverage content year round to bring customers closer to their product. The more creative you are, the more you will stand out amongst your competitors and attract new customers.

Need assistance in creating your harvest content plan? We invite you to schedule a 1-hour Social Session, we’d love to help!