Why Your Company Needs a Brand Story

Building a brand story, mission, and values

If we asked you the question, “tell me about your company?” In 30 seconds or less how would you answer?

Would you start to speak about what you sell? Or would you engage us by telling us more about your company mission and purpose?

While there isn’t technically a right or wrong answer to this question, speaking to your company’s mission and purpose will pull more people in to listen than solely speaking to what you sell. In fact, with both our company and our clients, more sales are generated when we speak to our purpose over what we “sell.”

Now, we’re all familiar with the used car salesman analogy of being slimy and pushy (ugh). But, just because marketing has moved more and more to the online space, doesn’t mean that we don’t see people acting in the same way. We’ve all seen those people on social media who always seem to be pushing a new course of their latest product which has us all heading straight to the “unfollow” button. 

That’s not to say that we can sell through social media, but it does mean that we need to do it differently. By creating a narrative around your brand, you’re able to build relationships through storytelling which are relatable, rather than relying on facts and figures. When your content is focused on stories that provide value, community engagement can begin to build.

As potential customers get to know your company’s purpose and values, in addition to how you can enhance their lives, the more likely they are to turn to you when they have a problem you can solve. Stories build brand trust, which has to be earned.

Stuck on how to create stories around your brand? We invite you to take 5 minutes right now to capture all the ways in which your company adds value to your customers. Then write a short story to help illustrate each benefit and start to plug and play with these narratives to build a brand story that will resonates with your audience. A great way to test this resonance is to incorporate more of your mission and values into upcoming social media posts.

So, should your company build a brand story? Absolutely!

Need help craft your brand story? We’re here to help.

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