The #1 Social Media Tool We Rely On

The #1 Social Media Tool

When it comes to social media marketing consistency can make or break your strategy. What’s the one tool that can help you stay consistent? After our content calendar, it’s our scheduling tool. The problem? Identifying which one that will work best for your workflow, needs and budget can be a daunting task.

From Buffer, Hootsuite, Sprout Social and Loomly (just to name a few), there are more and more options available for managing your social media workflow. Over the past 5 years we’ve tried all of these platforms and well, we have a favorite! But which one is right for your company?

The free versions of Buffer and Hootsuite are great for getting started especially if you’ve never used a scheduling tool before. With any scheduling tool, planning content ahead of time is always recommended. Once planned, a social media management tool allows you to schedule and optimize post times for when your audience is most active. But remember, don’t post and run! Be sure to check your platforms regularly to respond to messages, comments and to actively build community. Social media management tools like Sprout Social and Loomly have built-in inboxes allowing you to manage inbound messages on your post as a paid feature.

One thing to be aware of when investing in a social media management tool is that each native social media platform like Facebook or Linkedin, have specific APIs, (that’s tech speak for allowing programs to talk to one another), which may not allow you to do everything you can natively such as populating large post images on Linkedin or add location tags to Instagram posts for example. That being said, having 90% of the work done for you is worth the investment!

Speaking of which, being able to manage all your messages alongside scheduled posts and advanced analytics is why we use Loomly to manage not only our company’s social media but all of our client’s accounts too. For us, this was the first platform that didn’t charge an arm and a leg for the following features:

  • Schedule posts to all the platforms we use from Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter to Pinterest, yippee!

  • Create separate content calendars for each brand we manage

  • Easily move posts around via the full calendar view

  • Manage responses to posts

  • Invite collaborators, in our case clients, to approve posts or provide commentary for changes

  • Advanced analytics

  • Amazing customer service from their support team!

We’re also in love with their newly updated interface that seriously makes planning content a lot of fun! That’s why Loomly is our number one social media tool saving us hours of time each month. In fact, we love them so much we decided to become an affiliate, something we’ve never done before! To be fully transparent, any link in this blog post that reaches Loomly is our unique referral link and if you subscribe, we do receive a 10% incentive. Plus, you’ll gain a tool that will save you time and energy when it comes to managing your social media. We wouldn’t lead you astray after trying and paying too much for other platforms, we just can’t speak highly enough of Loomly.

Do you have a favorite social media tool? Let us know in the comments below.