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How 15-Minutes Per Day Can Drive Social Media Results

Mark Twain famously said, “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” The idea of implementing a robust social media strategy can often feel daunting and unknown. What should be prioritized and how do we grow our following?

7 Social Media Tips for Success in 2019

As we round out another year and move into 2019, it never ceases to amaze us how much social media marketing continues to evolve and change while remaining a thriving, results-driven marketing channel. We studied the landscape to help you navigate social media in 2019. Read our 7 tips for social media success.

Lip Devotion: Using Social Media to Launch a new Lipstick

New products hit the market all the time. If you’ve ever launched a product, you know it's a huge undertaking. However, just because you might be entering a highly competitive market doesn’t mean there isn’t room for your product. Building a brand can take time and using social media can help you reach your target audience faster than traditional marketing strategies.

4 Tips for Business Leaders Building a Personal Brand

Many business leaders are successful for a variety of reasons. One is the ability to remain goal oriented and to be laser focused when it comes to reaching these goals to grow the company. There are many tools and procedures for developing and managing a company's brand but where many business leaders fall short is creating and building their own personal brand. 

What is Influencer Marketing?

If there is one marketing trend that has accelerated this year, it’s influencer marketing.Influencer marketing is working with individuals who have a large following and high engagement to help spread your brand’s message. It’s a form of third party referral that has audiences everywhere paying attention.

Maximize Your Holiday Marketing

The holiday commercials are running, store shelves are full of gifts and it won't be long until the Christmas tree lots open. Any retail or hospitality business knows, this is busy time of year. According to RJMetrics, the days between Black Friday and Christmas pull 50-100% more revenue compared to the rest of the year. As Santa Clause begins to check his list for the naughty and nice, now is the time to capture this revenue by executing your holiday digital marketing.

3 Reasons Your Social Media Strategy Isn't Working

As a small business owner or marketer you know you’ve spent large amounts of time devising the perfect social media posts for your company. The copy and imagery must come together to be posted across various platforms at just the right time. However, once executed the disappointment of seeing lower than expected engagement can be a head scratcher