Values + Social Media = A Recipe for Success


Company values and social media go hand in hand. Take specialty food products for example. Many are born out of a belief that the food we consume doesn't have to be harmful to the environment or contain preservatives and additives. But when it comes to leveraging social media as a marketing channel for these products, content has to go above and beyond beautiful product shots.

Each post must provide value and align with a customer’s belief system. Consumers who are purchasing natural and organic food products are choosing to support a more sustainable lifestyle. Buying an organic product is bigger than a recipe ingredient.

The choice to purchase specialty foods and beverages comes from a consumer’s value system. Some of those values might include:

  • Altruism or the well being of others

  • Environmental and our relationship to our environment

  • Humanitarianism

  • Health education

  • Spiritual or supporting our own inner harmony

Many natural food and beverage companies also align with these sentiments through their own value of ingredients, the environment, the community and environmental stewardship. Social media content should showcase these commitments.

With 78% of people saying that a company’s social media posts impact their purchase decision, speciality food companies whose content goes above and beyond a product’s attributes will build an online community providing free word-of-mouth advertising, larger brand awareness and a healthier bottom line.

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