Snack Your Way Through Instagram

When it comes to developing a social media campaign for a product-based company, a question our clients ask is, "What are we going to post? Won't our audience be tired of seeing our products all day long?"

The answer is no -- At least they shouldn't. With the right forethought, planning and photography, posts should be engaging and draw customers closer to you, not push them away. 

To help illustrate how a brand might keep their products interesting, we took to our Instagram feeds and selected three of our favorite brands killing it with posts making wishing you were snacking all day long:



Our CEO, Charlotte Chipperfield grew up in Oregon and has fond memories of visiting Tillamook's cheese factory. Since then, the brand has expanded and truly leveled up their social media -- Even as we writing this, we are in desperate need of some Mountain Huckleberry Ice Cream. 

Looking through their profile, Tillamook excels at food photography. Their imagery is sophisticated, simple and mouthwatering. Each image highlights a product (rarely with its packaging), being consumed in a setting as a consumer would. They keep their content lifestlye originated and seasonally appropriate.


Peet's Coffee


You might be thinking, "how many different ways can you take a photo of coffee?" Well, according to Peet's Coffee, its infinite -- Rightfully so.

Peet's Coffee does a great job of balancing their feed with images of their beverages with behind the scenes look at say, bean production, for example. They also do a great job at sharing user generated content and celebrating holiday specific content. Like Tillamook, Peet's Coffee takes powerful imagery and makes use of appropriate hashtags.

Peet's Coffee

Hangar One Vodka


OK well, maybe this one isn't so much of a snack, but an after work beverage. In a word, Hangar One Vodka encapsulates "refreshing." Their content ranges from tasty cocktail recipes to new product releases. Their creative use of the hashtag #FreshlyPickedVodka connects the story of flavor and the importance of using the best ingredients to produce their products.

Hanger One Vodka

When it comes to social media planning, create consistent, on-brand messaging that drives engagement with customers. It doesn't hurt if it makes them hungry or thirsty either. Need help getting creative? Schedule a 1-hour Social Session.