Don't Hide from Social Media Analytics

Any business who uses social media as a marketing tool knows that a significant amount of time is spent planning and crafting messages. One way in which we see companies fall short, is not measuring the results of their efforts. But before we can look at which results to measure, it starts with having clearly defined goals.

When crafting social media posts there should be a strategy in place identifying key targets or goals. For example, a company who sells shoes may not only be interested in engagement but click-throughs to their website which translate to sales.

Once goals are defined and content has gone live, measuring becomes critical. Yes, we know, numbers. But don't be afraid. A simple monthly check-up can actually make your social media planning easier. 

How social media is measured will vary from company to company depending on industry and social media goals. Here are a few metrics we review for both ourselves and our clients:

Measure Engagement:

  • Impressions

  • Reach

  • Likes

  • Shares

  • Comments

  • Engagement Rate

Measure Website Traffic:

  • How many visitors came from each social media platform?

  • Which social media networks are driving the most traffic?

  • How long were this social media visitors on your website?

  • Did they make a purchase?

Measure Audience:

  • Who is your audience - age, location, interests, etc.

  • When is your audience most active online?

Putting metrics to your social media efforts will establish trends which identify who your audience is, when they are online, and which content most resonates with them. Likewise, by measuring results, underperforming content can be identified. Keep doing what is working and stop doing what isn't producing ideal results.

Don't hide from analytics, make them your marketing best friend. Carve out the time to review your social media efforts regularly. This will make future content planning easier, and regardless of your goals, remember that social media is a relationship tool between you and your customers. 

Have questions about measuring social media? Schedule a 1-hour Social Session for expert advice.