4 Tips for Maximizing Holiday Sales with Social Media

2018 Holiday Sales with Social Media

The holiday shopping session brings 50-100% more revenue for retail and product-based businesses than the rest of the year. Leveraging social media to communicate your holiday campaigns to customers plays an important role in capturing customers.

As you begin to launch your holiday social media initiatives, we've put together a few last minute reminders to check your list twice, making sure everything is just right to maximize your holiday sales:

1. Catch customer's attention by telling stories

Don't just create holiday campaigns which promote a "sale!" Showcase your product in a setting where your customer might use it or share it with their family over the holidays. Connect with customers through emotion and tie it back to your company's mission.

2.  Conduct A/B Testing

Leverage A/B testing for Facebook and Instagram ads. A/B testing allows you to test different variables to see which are driving the highest conversions. Test different images with the same captions or the same images with different captions. After a couple of days, review analytics to see which ads are performing the best images and continue to invest in the best performing.

After the holidays are over, this A/B testing data can be leveraged to create targeted campaigns throughout the year.

3. Be Prepared for Higher CPC

With many company's competing for customer attention this time of year, it's important to factor in a higher ad spend budget. If you've been tracking your Facebook ads' cost-per-click (CPC) all year -- And we hope you have been ;) -- It is most likely that your CPC will be higher than the rest of the year. Don't get discouraged, just budget accordingly. 

4. Track Conversions

Before launching all campaigns, be sure to have an established system for tracking sales that come from social media. If Facebook ads are a part of your holiday campaigns, be sure to install Facebook's Pixel into your website to track conversions and web traffic from Facebook. This will allow you to track just how much revenue is generated from social media helping to provide better forecasting for next year's ad spend budget. 

Here's to a jolly holiday season and building relationships with customers that will last a lifetime. 

Need a second pair of eyes to review your holiday ads? Schedule a 1-hour consulting Social Session for expert advice for maximizing your social media sales.