Can a Business Run a Conscious Social Media Program?

Conscious Social Media

If you read our last blog post on becoming a Benefit Company for Good, you know that we not only approach our business in a holistic way, but when it comes to our clients, we’re also thinking consciously about the content we create and distribute via social media.

What does it mean to have a conscious approach to social media?

It means being intentional about publishing content that leaves a positive impression on the viewer.

Let’s face it, there is a “dark side” to social media through the numerous studies and articles on the mental health impact of social media. At Chipperfield Media, this is something we take seriously. We are mindful of the content we create by remaining conscious as we aim to add value, not only for our clients, but for anyone who comes across their posts. We’re not creating content for the sake of creating content. We aim to inspire, education or entertain through every post. To create social media content with a conscious approach is to leave viewers feeling just a little bit better as they scroll by.

How can your company create a conscious social media program?

  1. Have a clear intention for why your company is leveraging social media. Hint: To build community and relationships.

  2. Add value through authenticity. Don’t pretend to be something you are not. Be able to deliver on your brand promise.

  3. Create content from the perspective of what your follower needs over your business agenda.

  4. Stay and engage for 15 minutes after you post on Instagram.

  5. Strategy can only take you so far. Be prepared to show up, be seen and share your story.

Remember, influence is generated from passionately sharing WHY you exist to serve those that follow your brand. By approaching social media through a conscious lense, you create space to have a positive impact on the world and your business.

Inspired to create a more conscious social media program? Let us know what steps you’re taking in the comments below.