Digital Marketing

2018 Social Media Trends and Predictions

Facebook was founded in 2004, which means 2017 marked the start of the “teenage” years of social media. Just like a teenager who is anxious to move to the next new thing, social media moves even quicker. With new updates and features rolling out weekly, we can only expect this pace to increase in 2018.

How to Set a Facebook Ad Budget

It’s no secret that the more you spend on Facebook, the more reach you can accomplish. But spending for the sake of spending isn’t effective. Understanding how much is enough to spend in order to accomplish your goals can be hindering.

What is Influencer Marketing?

If there is one marketing trend that has accelerated this year, it’s influencer marketing.Influencer marketing is working with individuals who have a large following and high engagement to help spread your brand’s message. It’s a form of third party referral that has audiences everywhere paying attention.

5 Creative Ways to Market & Sell Your Wine Online

The wine industry is an evergrowing industry, but, then again, so is the social media industry! There is so much noise out there regarding how to market your wine, but, our guest blogger has sifted through the noise and narrowed it down to 5 sure fire ways to market your wine for success.

Maximize Your Holiday Marketing

The holiday commercials are running, store shelves are full of gifts and it won't be long until the Christmas tree lots open. Any retail or hospitality business knows, this is busy time of year. According to RJMetrics, the days between Black Friday and Christmas pull 50-100% more revenue compared to the rest of the year. As Santa Clause begins to check his list for the naughty and nice, now is the time to capture this revenue by executing your holiday digital marketing.

5 Tips for Branding - And why it’s important.

I recently had the opportunity to speak to a group of business owners and entrepreneurs on branding. A problem I often hear from both business executives and clients is that they have good intentions of streamlining their online presence but the task often falls to the bottom of the to-do list. My recent speaking engagement helped to address the solution to this problem, outlining 5 ways to get started. 

Digital Marketing Trends for 2016

We all know there is no predicting the future, especially when it comes to marketing. Even with all the planning in the world, unexpected results still occur. With 2016 very much upon us, we are seeing a few trends in Digital Marketing which are worth paying attention to...