4 Social Media Lessons from Beyoncé

How Do We Become Beyonce

This may come as a surprise, but we are frequently asked the question, “How do we become Beyoncé?” The international superstar is an icon with an Instagram follower count we all dream of. Or do we?

What often prompts this question is the desire to grow a company’s social media accounts to have as many followers as possible while following very few people in return. While follower count can hold significance, solely focusing on this number can distract from the real reason a company is using social media.

Let’s take a closer look at why follower count is only one piece of an overall social media strategy:

  1. Start by getting clear on why the overall number of followers is important. What do followers mean for your brand? The answer to this question will play a critical role in creating your strategy. It’s also important to note that the correlation between the total number of followers and revenue generated does not often translate. Consider instead how having meaningful conversations and engaging your audience, no matter the size, will have a much larger impact on your business. If you can’t engage 100 followers how are you going to engage a million?

    We understand that organic growth can often feel slow, but it allows for an opportunity to build relationships and a dedicated community of potential brand advocates. In fact, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has considered removing the total number of followers from an account altogether.

  2. Remember, that Beyoncé was Beyoncé before Instagram even existed. Her brand was already well known and Instagram merely gave her audience a place to gather. Instead of trying to fast-forward to superstardom, think about how you can leverage social media as a tool for building customer relationships. How can your message be seen and heard by the RIGHT PEOPLE for your brand?

  3. It takes two to tango. Just as important as the content you produce, spending time being social on social media is the fastest way to grow your community. Spending as little as 15-minutes per day can increase your followers. With no shade thrown to Beyoncé but when we see an account that follows 0 people, we know they aren’t engaging with others which means community isn’t of high value. 

  4. The comparison game gets you nowhere. Instead of wanting more followers, focus on who you are serving. Why do people follow Beyoncé? Because her music has touched their lives. You can’t compare an international superstar on one platform to your company’s messaging on another. You don’t see Dunkin’ aspiring to be Ariana Grande (Who actually has more followers than Beyoncé, but again, who’s counting?) The point is, that by telling your own story, you will naturally attract those who will stand behind your mission. What kind of impact are you having on the world?

There can only be one Beyoncé but that doesn’t mean you can’t build community around your story to engage with valuable conversation to support your company goals. Have you earned a 2% engagement rate? Are you generating sales and interest with 5,000 followers? Because if you aren’t, more followers aren’t the solution to driving increased sales.

It’s your choice, do you want to be popular for the sake of being popular, or do you want to drive impact? 

Looking to get clear on the story your telling on social media? Get in touch, we’re here to help author and amplify your story.