5 Creative Ways to Market & Sell Your Wine Online

Wine Corks

A guest post by Kim Elwell

Host an Instagram or Facebook Live:

Host a live tasting with the winemaker to promote a new release. Give your social media fans some exclusive details and story behind that release. Fans can even chime in with live Q+A during the live stream. Personal experience is key, it makes your customers feel special and allows them to take a peek into the inner workings of your business.

Engage with influencers, bloggers & media on Twitter and Instagram:

Create authentic relationships with influencers that may be interested in your product. Get on their radar by sharing their articles, liking, commenting and engaging with content they are sharing. Offer to send them a free bottle to review. Most influencers, media and bloggers list their emails on their social profiles. Reach out!

Host a contest:

Host a sweepstakes or contest and drive email sign-ups to your mailing list using a Facebook plug in platform like Woobox. Customizable entry forms allow you to collect the exact data you want to know about your customers. Don’t forget to mention legal details, like “must be 21+ to enter!”

Share a unique promotion with your email list:

Your email list is your most devoted fan base. Extend an exclusive promotion and tie it into a unique holiday or season that aligns with your brand. Black Friday is so noisy, there’s so many other opportunities throughout the year to offer discounts - use ‘em!

Launch stores on multiple platforms:

Sell your wine on Amazon. Encourage reviews and create unique promotions, packages and sets. Heads up: there are legal rules and regulations in order to sell wine on Amazon, so get in touch with Seller Support and find out if your business qualifies.

Halcyon Wines

Kim Elwell is Co-Founder of Halcyon Wines, along with her husband Tyler and is a Social Media Specialist for Chipperfield Media.