How 15-Minutes Per Day Can Drive Social Media Results

15 Minutes of Social Media a Day

Mark Twain famously said, “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” The idea of implementing a robust social media strategy can often feel daunting and unknown. What should be prioritized and how do we grow our following?

One of the most important pieces to building a thriving social media community can be achieved in as little as 15-minutes per day. To significantly grow a following the key is to engage on social media. This goes above and beyond checking to see what comments and messages your accounts have received in response to your content. The focus should be on actively engaging with other accounts in the way you want everyone to do on yours. This not only builds community but allows you to build greater brand awareness.

Here are 4 things you can accomplish in 15-minutes per day that will significantly shift the needle for your social media status:

  1. Engage with key hashtags. When was the last time you engaged with other posts from the list of 30 you post to every Instagram post?

  2. Follow and engage with those who follow like-minded or competitor accounts.

  3. Find industry adjacent accounts and comment (Keep in mind every time you comment, their followers will see your brand name).

  4. Engage with accounts you aspire to be like outside your industry but share a similar demographic.

What is the value in spending this time every day? On average our client accounts see a 50% increase in followers month-over-month and an increase in profile views, brand awareness and website clicks just from an investment of 15-minutes per day engaging with other accounts.

To keep yourself accountable, we recommend getting in the habit of scheduling time in your calendar each day to engage and grow your following. The payoff is worth it for a small investment of time which will develop stronger relationships with your customers and actively attract new customers.

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