The Importance of Social Media for Your Company

Importance of Social Media

The age of social media is younger than most adults, and yet it has become a critical part of the marketing ecosystem. In fact, 71 percent of small businesses use social media.

Social media is essential for businesses of all sizes to reach potential customers and build two-way relationships which is unique for this marketing channel. 

Facebook Still Reigns Supreme

Of the businesses that use social media, almost all (86 percent) use Facebook which is almost double second-place Instagram (48 percent).

Social Media Platforms Data

Businesses use Facebook because that is where their customers are – 1.4 billion people log onto Facebook every day. It's most likely, that your customers are actively engaged on Facebook.

In addition, if your company targets millennials, having an Instagram and Snapchat account makes sense. However, if you’re trying to appeal to baby boomers, those platforms may be a waste of time because fewer older generations are on there.

You don’t have to be on every social media platform imaginable, but it’s important for companies to go to where their customers are, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Snapchat.

Businesses Share Content Daily

More than half (52 percent) of small businesses post to social media daily, and just 6 percent post less often than once per month.


Companies that post frequently – but not too often (it's all about quality over quantity) – are the companies that reach consumers. If a business has social media but doesn’t post often, they miss an opportunity to stay top-of-mind to followers. 

Having a consistent social media strategy and a consistent posting schedule will ensure you’re still visible to followers. Posting too often, however, can annoy your followers.

To find a successful posting frequency, test out how often you post content. If posting twice a day gets you a lot of engagement, try posting once more. If that third post doesn’t get you many likes, comments, or shares, stick with two posts daily.

Every company’s magic number is different – you just have to test the frequency that works best for you.

Images Are the Most Preferred Content

Businesses post a variety of content, but images/infographics is the most popular.


Visual content is successful for businesses because it’s easier to grab consumers’ attention; an image will draw someone’s eye into the post, but a text-only post is easy for consumers to skip over.

Although images are the most successful, it’s also important for companies to post other content types, such as offers/promotions, reviews, and videos. This will make sure your social media strategy isn’t too repetitive.

Businesses Leveraging Social Media, Succeed

Before the internet, if companies knew many of their customers enjoyed a certain television network or magazine, they would advertise on those mediums, albeit for a much higher cost. Today, reaching consumers through their preferred social media platform is a sure way to increase brand awareness and customers.

A large portion of your customers are on social media, it’s where people spend much of their time. That's why this marketing channel in combination with others such as advertising, can make for a winning strategy directly strengthening your bottom line. 

Social media is essential for businesses and if you’re not reaching potential customers, your competition probably is.

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2018 Social Media Trends and Predictions

Facebook was founded in 2004, which means 2017 marked the start of the “teenage” years of social media. Just like a teenager who is anxious to move to the next new thing, social media moves even quicker. With new updates and features rolling out weekly, we can only expect this pace to increase in 2018.

Stuck in the Rinse Cycle of Social Media?

One of the biggest pitfalls to not having a successful social media program is the lack of consistency. That means, at a minimum, posting to all your social media channels each week. But how do you determine a consistent posting schedule? How many posts are necessary a week and what is too many?

The Importance of Social Media Metrics

As social media continues to grow, it is essential for companies to be where their customers are: online. Although many companies know which platforms to use to reach potential customers—Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, among others—many do not know the most important metrics to track the success of their social media efforts.

How to Set a Facebook Ad Budget

It’s no secret that the more you spend on Facebook, the more reach you can accomplish. But spending for the sake of spending isn’t effective. Understanding how much is enough to spend in order to accomplish your goals can be hindering.

What is Influencer Marketing?

If there is one marketing trend that has accelerated this year, it’s influencer marketing.Influencer marketing is working with individuals who have a large following and high engagement to help spread your brand’s message. It’s a form of third party referral that has audiences everywhere paying attention.