Email Marketing is Not Dead

Email Marketing is Not Dead

Most of us have an inbox inundated with both personal and subscription based emails. The number each morning can be overwhelming leading to mass deletion. However, as a Business Owner or Email Marketing Manager, this doesn't mean that email marketing is dead. What this does mean is that your messaging has to stand out more than ever and, more importantly, be of great value to your audience. 

Here are three tips for effective email marketing:

1. Give Value before the first Email: In order to acquire a new email subscriber it is often a good idea to give something in return for their email address. Deliver a piece of content to your new subscriber before they even receive their first email. This can be anything from a promotional code, free ebook, a checklist or whitepaper. Overdeliver on this product giving additional tips or discounts so the subscriber feels comfortable with your offerings before you even sell or further communicate. 

2. Tell your Audience the Frequency of your Communications: One of the big unknowns when subscribing to a list is the fear of getting an email every day or more than once a day. We've all been on one of those lists where companies like to hit you over the head with their sale offers more than once a day. What a headache! To alleviate this fear with potential subscribers, tell them during the sign-up process the frequency of your communications be it weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, etc. 

3. Personalize: When companies listen to their customers and treat them as individuals, they win. The same principles can be applied to email marketing. Many email service providers (ESPs) include a merge tag which allows you to address each subscriber by their name, (providing you require this at sign-up). Addressing a customer by name both in the email and often in the subject line, can be attention grabbing. Additionally, customer profiles can be build to learn which customers have stronger interest in certain products or services allowing you to really target the right people with the right content. 

Remember that you own your list. Unlike a social media platform which could disappear tomorrow, and with it your followers, you own your email list and having strong and personalized communication with added value will ensure your email marketing is as effective as can be to help grow your business. 

Lastly, we work with a number of clients on an ongoing basis with their email marketing and one of the ways we ensure we follow rules and regulations in accordance with the law is to frequently visit the official CANSPAM website which is a great tool for ensuring your emails aren't breaking the law. 

Email marketing is only dead should you choose not to use this valuable tool correctly. 

Charlotte Chipperfield, Founder & CEO