Website Design - 4 Tips to Consider Before Getting Started

Regardless of if you are planning to start a business or if you have been in business for a number of years, setting up a website or maintaining an effective website can quickly become a full time gig. That's why, here at Chipperfield Media, we decided to put together 4 tips we use when tackling a website design project:

  1. Be Clear on the Purpose: It is very easy to get caught up in pretty pictures, blocks of text, font styles and colors. Becoming clear on the purpose of your website is the first step to staying on track during the design phase. For example, if the website's main functionality is eCommerce, then the purchasing process should be as efficient and effective for customers to move through the sale funnel and complete their transaction. 
  2. Think of your User: Building on point #1, it is important to design your website for your user and not for yourself. The user should easily find the information they are seeking or complete a transaction without hassle and frustration. 
  3. Keep it Simple: Don't over complicate your website. With your purpose in mind, keep all text as short and sweet as possible. Transaction pages should again, be as detailed but easy to use. Colors, backgrounds and images should also be appropriate and in line with branding. 
  4. Include Clear Call-to-Actions: Answer the question: What do you want a user to do when they arrive at your website? Ask the same question for each page on your website. Make sure to funnel your traffic to where you want them to go and direct them towards an email sign-up, a sale or to contact the business. 

As a bonus tip, have multiple people test your website before it goes live. Ask them questions to make sure what your as communicating is getting through to your audience. Need help designing your website?


Charlotte Chipperfield, Founder & CEO