SEO, What You Need to Know

SEO what, huh? These three capitalized letters stand for "Search Engine Optimization." Simply put, this is directly impacting how often your website shows up in search results. 

SEO is a marketing strategy which takes into account how search engines work, how users search and what terms they are using to search. By doing research into industry specific terms used by a target audience, marketers can then edit website content to include these terms as well as increasing the number of inbound links by incorporating social media marketing, email marketing and referral marketing. 

Incorporating SEO efforts into a marketing strategy is vital. It is also a good idea to check in every few months to see if efforts are driving more traffic to the website. It is also important to update key terms as industries and search engines are changing all the time. 

We've put together a simple SEO check list to help you better under SEO and creating next steps as a starter tool for you to reference for better SEO to your website. Download your free SEO Check List.

How has SEO helped to increase your web presence? We would love to hear your comments below.

Charlotte Chipperfield, Founder & CEO