About Chipperfield Media

We’re an award-winning brand and social media agency focused on purpose-driven brands helping to author and amplify your story because when you lead with your story, you build a community.

Our Mission

To create and tell the stories of brands leading the way to a cleaner, safer and more eco-conscious world. We believe in the power of storytelling to attract a community that is focused on impact over likes. Because #GoodVibesOnly.

The Power of Storytelling

A really good story is sticky. It has the ability to connect us. While “storytelling” has increasingly become a buzz word in the world of marketing, it has been a method for communicating spanning back centuries. The power of storytelling is that it makes communications more engaging, relatable and connects on a deeper emotional level vs. relying on facts and figures. Let’s face it, the internet is a busy place and the more your content can be framed as a story that delights, inspires or educates, the more you can pull in and connect with your ideal target demographic.

The Power of Social Media

Social media is one of the most powerful tools for amplifying a brand’s story. The power of social media lies in communicating directly with potential and current customers. It is a tool for nurturing relationships that can drive influence through content. Think of it as digital networking - As you consistently publish content tying back to your brand story, you are building trust and a tribe of brand loyalists.

We’re Committed to Helping You:

  • Get clear on your brand messaging to speak clearly and effectively to your target audience

  • Stand out amongst competitors

  • Reach more people (shout your story from the rooftops!)

  • Save time so that you can focus on the core of your business

  • Drive result-driven marketing activities by having a clear story to tell

Companies we love to work with:

  • Healthy eating, nutrition and CPG Brands

  • Clean beauty

  • CBD Brands

  • Fitness/mind-body

  • Wellness tourism

  • Meditation Resources and Centers

Not sure where to start? Take our Brand Narrative Quiz to assess the strength of your brand’s story.

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 Meet the Team

Charlotte Chipperfield
Founder and Chief Storyteller

Falling in love with stories from a young age, Charlotte Chipperfield gravitated towards a career in marketing where brand stories can come alive. Having worked for both start-ups and national brands, Charlotte gained an in-depth understanding of digital marketing and especially fell in love with social media, a tool that allows any brand to connect with customers at any given moment of the day. In 2014, Charlotte founded Chipperfield Media and is a regular contributor to online marketing publications, having built a reputation as an expert thought leader and speaker in the digital marketing space.

When Charlotte isn’t working you can find her:

  • Writing her first novel (The love of stories is real)

  • Serving on the boards of organizations support female entrepreneurs

  • Competing in open water swims or learning to surf

  • And yes, Charlotte is a millennial ;) We get that question a lot.

Rebecca Bakofsky
Social Media Specialist